Mendl is a Non-Profit Social Enterprise. We believe we can positively impact Men's Mental Health by raising awareness to the issue through a recognisable, desirable label. A tee can lead to a conversation, and a conversation could save a life. At Mendl, we believe in the power of conversation to spark change.

We commit 100% of our profit to known charities doing great work. Men account for 75% of suicides, and 1 in 5 men faces mental illness in their life. For us, that's too much and too many - we aim to mend Men's Mental Health for the better.

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Creating conversations to make Mental Health a more acknowledged part of every day life.

The Mendl Movement

Mitch Hannan

Mitch Hannan

We sit down with Mendl Co-Founder Mitch Hannan as he discusses his dealings with his own Mental Health, football, family and what sparked his desir...

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