About Us

Who we are:
At Mendl, we believe in the power of conversation to spark change. That's why we are passionate about giving Men's Mental Health a credible, authentic platform so that it's voice can be heard. Statistics around Men's Mental Health show a clear need for change in the way we communicate, support and connect with one another. At Mendl, we believe that societal change is inspired by our ability to connect people and to ignite genuine and relevant conversations.

In 2018 men accounted for 75% of deaths from suicide, and on average, 72% of males don't seek help for mental disorders.

Mendl was created because we believe there is a growing need for freedom around speaking up about one's mental struggle. Our products are designed with a purpose and holstered with a message, that everyone deserves mental health support.
What we do:
We sell Melbourne lifestyle apparel that aims to ignite conversations about Men’s Mental Health and takes on the hard-to-have conversations with a new perspective.
Our custom apparel is designed with simplicity and comfort in mind, and keeps the message discrete and unassuming. Made with a quality high enough to withstand Melbourne’s temperamental weather, yet casual enough to ingrain itself with weekend coffee catch ups.

We are a non-profit brand that takes no monetary benefit from purchases beyond what is necessary to keep the wheels turning over and cover our business overheads. 100% of profits are re-invested into Men's Mental Health, facilitating the continued improvement of community awareness to the issue at hand.