Giving Back

Mendl's purpose is to continue to expand a positive and constructive conversation regarding Men's Mental Health, opening up the dialogue in an inclusive manner to men of all ages. We see conversation as a key pillar to the management of mental health, and our mission is to encourage men, when required, to feel comfortable opening up to their mates.

We are a non-profit brand that takes no monetary benefit from purchases beyond what is necessary to keep the wheels turning over and cover our business overheads. 100% of profits are re-invested into Men's Mental Health, facilitating the continued improvement of community awareness to the issue at hand.

We have long recognised that a number of charities and groups are already impacting real change in the Mental Health sphere in Australia. We want everyone to be involved in the fight for greater communication and support for those that truly need it, hence why we believe that our profit is best returned to those that can use it best.
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