Mendl Movement #4 - Liam Murphy & Michael Mumford


The Men of Words podcast was born out of a special friendship between Liam Murphy and Michael Mumford - one grounded in open communication and support about their experience with mental health and ill-health. After concluding based on personal experience that an open dialogue was important between mates, they decided to create a platform to continue these conversations with other high profile men in the community. From this Men of Words Podcast was created, and the rest is history.


We were lucky enough to sit down with Muff and Murph to get their thoughts on Men's Mental Health, their history as mates, and the importance of a good chat.

Mendl Movement Journal - Muff & Murph"Sometimes to realise that just the act of listening, absorbing and being there is already a big step in the right direction"


L.M - We sat down together and realised that we probably haven't caught up as regularly as we used to, and it was a really good opportunity to check in and see how we were both travelling.

M.M - It was more just a good little refresher. For us, it's all about that checking in, and making room and time about allowing that head-space.

L.M - In the past we would catch up only when we were struggling. Whereas, it's become a little more normal for us now. In the past we would catch up to have a coffee or a beer and be really consciously ready to chat about the negatives. Now, it's just feels normal to have these conversations day to day, which takes the pressure off.

Mendl Movement Journal - Muff & Murph
"You should have those conversations when it's good too, from a place of positivity, you don't just have to wait until you feel down in the dumps"


L.M - Listening is a learned skill. It's something that we have worked a lot on, and actively worked to make sure we realise that we are listening to the people we are speaking to, rather than simply asking question after question. When you are on the receiving end, it can be a shock because the people you are speaking to are speaking about the toughest times of their life. For us to actually stop, and make sure we are actually absorbing that information is critical.

M.M - When someone is coming to you with that kind of stuff, it's human nature to want to help, and you assume that you must provide an immediate solution. But not everyone has got the answers. That was probably the most difficult thing about being on the receiving end of those sort of conversations, because you just want to help your mate out as much as you can.

 Mendl Movement Journal - Muff & Murph

"It's all about that checking in and making room to allow that head-space"

L.M - It was funny for us because we were both in very similar stages of our lives. Both in long term relationships, both at cross roads with careers. I remember at one point I had to stop myself - because all I wanted to do is help you, but I knew I needed to help myself as well.

L.M - And that is a big thing that weighs on people to when you have these types of conversations is that when you are wanting to help someone so much you can sometimes forget about yourself.

M.M - I think that is the important thing for us - to continue to provide an avenue for people to listen, to find some similarities, and to find that confidence to seek help if they need. That's the most important thing that the podcast can do.


Videography and production by Lachlan Goddard-Callins & Jake ArcherVision shot at Merrymen Cafe, Hampton. A big thank you to all for their contributions.